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Novel Invincible Reincarnation - Author: Manashiro Kanata (Kanatan)
Invincible Reincarnation - "Suddenly you died." The reincarnation of Seiya Mana, a dull company slave, began with this one word.**"Oh, it's ugly, don't be afraid, shut up! And take a look at it! Peel off the eyeballs and see! In my heart, the story of a man who kept looking at the endlessness- "The Fool's Scriptures" boiled up-!"That's why" Genie ". I feel a great vibration with Bing. Almost happened? Come out at once." God-destroying Overlord "Manashi Leak Seiya fully opened, seriously dealing with the opponent ――No, I'm going to beat you up! ” 《God Destruction Overlord》, you were waiting for this. In order to fight the "Genie" in perfect condition, I was waiting for my turn without responding to my call. Then respond! Prove it! That "God Destruction King" is the strongest--!"'It is the one that robs the throne of God-""" It is the one that hangs its head on the dragon emperor- "" "It is the one that causes the twinkling stars to fall in the night sky- " ― ”” As the Fool's Scriptures were spun, golden particles began to blow up from all over my body."'It's going on the path of supremacy that also destroys God--'""'I will never turn around, I will continue to greedy for a further future until I'm stupid--'" More intense, intense, intense from my body--! The golden particles still rise with a tremendous force!"'No one is blocking his path--'""" Just keep running through the pathless Senri with supremacy-- "" "Take that noble path and call with awe." " its forces right now manifests St. -! This world-specific mythical / combat SS-class cheat that destroys everything!"'That name, noble,'God-destroying King'-!'" A burning golden asteroid descended into me with full satisfaction. back<<

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