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Novel Intoxicated Jianghu - Author: Updating
Shiya Village is a remote, climate-friendly village. The people here are hardworking and kind, the men are self-sufficient in their work. This year's spring, however, broke the serenity of the past. A group of men surrounded the area … So there was a river of blood here. Auntie Shi did her best. He placed the stone book and sword of his beloved son on Qing Feng to show off his skills. The bones of the books and swords were unique as they practiced martial arts at the Clear Wind Monastery. He didn't want to get hit by a fluke. Familiar with the plain girl swordsman Wen Zhu. He had a feud with the Martial Arts Sect. By chance and coincidence, he learnt the sword kinesis technique of a senior. But the danger was getting closer. As a result, the river and the lake were dangerous, with a slim chance of survival. Shi Shujian and Xiu Wenzhu's minds were linked. Finally, he found out the secret of the Bloody Rock Cliff Village. Together, they defeated the great devil, Dongfang Xiao. Escape from this world … Spring came. Stone Cliff Village was still as beautiful as ever. Close] back<<

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