Inextinguishable Martial Venerable

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Liang Jia San Shao






Novel Inextinguishable Martial Venerable - Author: Liang Jia San Shao
A cultivation technique that was viewed as trash and a cultivation maniac that was treated as trash by his peers. After obtaining a Yin-Yang Jade Pendant, everything would change. Ten times the training speed allowed Gu Fei to break through the limits of the martial way again and again. The iron laws that had been recognized for thousands of years were being broken by Gu Fei one by one! Miracle... Gu Fei did not believe in miracles, he only believed in blood and sweat. In this martial arts world where the true martial arts had declined and the profound meaning of the martial arts had been lost, he only believed in blood and sweat. back<<

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