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Novel Incomparable Battle Lord - Author: bu yan bu yu
He encountered a fortuitous opportunity and obtained a heaven-defying cultivation technique, the Eternal Mantra and a supreme divine tool.From then on, His domineering life has began!His cultivation talent was too poor, his cultivation had always been stuck at the level of a 2-star Martial Disciple.For this reason, the members of the clan made things difficult for him, and his reputation as a trash spread throughout the world.But now he got the Eternal Mantra and a supreme divine tool, the Ten Directions Heavenly Cauldron. By practicing the best cultivation technique and flirting with the brightest girls, he will pointing his sword to the sky, stepping on the heavens, fighting in a chaotic battlefield, battling the continent, becoming the most sacred of martial arts on the continent.Then he will rising, becoming the supreme existence within the Nine Heavens Divine World! back<<

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