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Novel I, Who Have Been Reborn as a... - Author: Pigeon King
Lilo transmigrated to the holy continent and was reborn as an evil poison dragon.Poison dragons were not treated kindly by the other races on the continent. Any living creature would take action to slay a poison dragon when they encountered one.Lilo accidentally activated the most powerful bloodline talent of his ancestors, “Characteristic Merger”, on a deserted island when he was born!This talent could extract the characteristics of any “metal ores” or “various living creatures” he consumed and merge them with his body.Consumed Core Lava and extracted the characteristics of its raging flames. Characteristics merged with your poison to become fire poison!Consumed Chameleon and extracted its characteristics mimicking its surroundings. Characteristics merged with your skin and gave you the ability to become invisible!Consumed Raging Flame Bird and extracted its speed characteristic. Characteristics merged with your body and now allow you to fly at ten times the speed of sound!Consumed Thousand-year Tree Heart, Ten-thousand-year Gold Ore, and Hundred-ton Heavy Water and merged vitality, sharpness, and corrosive characteristics with your fire poison to become a corrosive poison with all four characteristics. All living creatures would wither with your dragon breath!He could gather millions of abilities as long as he extracted suitable characteristics!Thus…When Lilo, who was on the deserted island, was discovered by wanderers, many adventurers and soldiers surrounded and attacked him just as they had done to other poison dragons in the past. However, they were destined to fail.Lilo swore to himself as he struck his enemies down, “Can the other poison dragons be compared to me? I’ll conquer the world!” back<<

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