I Love You, My Cursed Prince

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Novel I Love You, My Cursed Prince - Author: LiNa_Author
"Please forgive me. I' fallen desperately in love with you. And I wish to marry you, but I' scared." said the cursed prince. "Oh, why are you frightened?" asked the girl - the Queen' companion. "When you see me ... you might run away and never let me have you again. And ... and ..." He sniffed up something that was probably cold and hot at the same time. Shaking her head very quickly, she told him, "No! Absolutely not! After everything that' happened, how could I run away?" The cursed Prince told her that when night came he would be waiting in the Empty Room for her to come. And there, she' be allowed to see him. She was so thrilled. ----------- The girl goes to the Cursed Prince' room that night. She saw him. His head was under a mask of cloth. The ends of the cloth were hidden under the cloak. She saw him .. And the cloak was being opened.. And ... Oh ... Oh!! " .................. She slammed the lock on the door aside. She yanked the door open, nearly tripped out of the room, and slammed the door closed, and ran as fast as she could. back<<

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