How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating

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Novel How To Get Cute Girls After Transmigrating - Author: invayne
Meet Sora a young girl who well, loves girls and magic. She is utterly obsessed with both. She goes out and spends all her money on yuri manga and books on magic. She even watches those hen..."Hey enough already! They get the picture! I'm a damn lesbian alright!? "Yes, yes, sorry about that... Well like I was saying, Sora is a lesbian who loves girls and magic more than anything. That was until she stumbled upon a mysterious shop and bought an old book about magic. One thing led to another and the idiot found herself in another world."Hey! You just called me an idiot didn't you!?"It's fine, don't mind. Don't mind.Will Sora be able to survive in this new world? Will she find love and happiness? Will she finally become smart? Or will she die a horrible death?"That's it! I quit! Find a new female lead for your story. Your nothing but a beep that beep's out of their beeping mouth all beeping day long. How about I beep the ever-living beep out of you!"And so this is our story of Sora the lesbian who transmigrates to another world. back<<

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