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Novel Holy Dragon Emperor - Author: Updating
A hundred thousand years ago, when the young holy dragon emerged, a battle between itself and the gods shook the world. From then on, the world changed hands, and everyone revered the holy dragon. However, it just so happened that the Azure Immortal had descended with the heart as a guide to control the Immeasurable Heart Gu, causing the world to be in turmoil and causing everyone's heart to be in a state of panic. Three hundred days later, with the Holy Dragon's resurrection and the Green Immortal Cult's unparalleled war, the human world was like hell. Three hundred days later, with the Holy Dragon Gu as the guide, he obtained the Holy Dragon Gu and finally separated the Green Immortal from the seal. After that, there were no more holy dragons in the world. A hundred thousand years later, the youth Long Tian descended from the sky above Qingshan Town. Let's see how he would walk his own path … [Group Number, 828435512] [Close] back<<

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