Heir of the Divine Phoenix

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Novel Heir of the Divine Phoenix - Author: ImNatsui
A young man died in his original world and ended up reincarnating, however, without him knowing, his bloodline and true race were sealed for an unknown amount of time.Reincarnated in a world of both cultivation and magic without anything that could help him, he decided to live ordinarily, he was forced to do so.It all changed when he met an injured girl on the forest, a Divine Phoenix on the brink of death, she saw on him what no one saw, she decided to pass her bloodline to him, accidentally awakening his own, the boy that was forced to live ordinarily would now have an extraordinary life.This is the story of the Divine Phoenix Heir.Buy Advanced Chapters: https://www.patreon.com/imnatsuiRelease Schedule: 5 chapters/week - From Sunday to Tuesday. back<<

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