Heaven Smiting God Emperor

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Novel Heaven Smiting God Emperor - Author: Saubi1234
In a world that was unimaginably vast, there were seven great sects that became the goals and dreams for everyone who wished to walk the path of cultivation.Every few years, the seven sects would hold a grand competition covering the whole world to select the most talented new disciples.Whenever it was held, the nobles and even the Princes of countless Kingdoms and Empires, would eagerly leave their own kingdoms to join the competition. All that was done only so that they could join one of the seven great sects....Qin Tian who is the Prince of a small kingdom but has talent and cultivation that surpasses the Prince of the Great Empire also left his own kingdom.However, when he first left his kingdom, he accidentally encountered the remnants of the soul of a long-dead Godking.He then found out that Godking was the supreme being in the Universe. They are kings of the gods and manifestations of heaven itself.Through this Godking, Qin Tian then found out that the universe was much wider than he could imagine.Millions of Galaxy, God who can destroy heaven and earth, Godking who can shake the universe.When all of that was added up, the world he had long regarded as boundless, instantly became a small place that could be easily destroyed.. back<<

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