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Novel Heaven-sent Wife: Good Morni... - Author: Misty
After her husband was bumped up to the trending searches only did Wu Man find out about his affairs. Before she could suggest a divorce, she overheard her husband plotting with his mistress a way to ‘kill her in an accident’… Wu Man couldn’t take it anymore!Since the third wheel had paid for the trending search, Wu Man would give her the fame she desired! She gathered evidence and sued her husband to leave their marriage with nothing! She didn’t care if her in-laws were threatening suicide, they could do as they pleased. She wouldn’t give them a single penny!Returning to the ranks of wealthy bachelorettes, her best friend dragged her to a bar to celebrate.The next day, Wu Man found a man lying beside her. To her surprise, it was the city’s mayor, Li Dongsheng, who regularly appeared on television! Before she managed to escape, Li Dongsheng woke up.A low and sultry voice asked, “Don’t plan on taking responsibility?”Take responsibility? She might not be capable of that!Li Dongsheng said, “Just lie down and I’ll do the work.”Wu Man was speechless. He would even say that for money?!After a thought, Li Dongsheng added, “Yeah, I don’t feel like working hard anymore.”It wasn’t until after their marriage that Wu Man saw the countless property deeds and car keys. Then, she realized… What was all that talk about not wanting to work hard anymore? He was just trying to cheat her body by acting poorly! back<<

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