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Novel Harry Potter: Rise Of The Spiral - Author: manny0101
Edmund Vulpis discovers the legacy of his ancestors after his mother dies at the hands of his father. With the memories of his progenitor, Naruto Uzumaki, watch as he takes on the wizarding world with the power of chakra and shifts the gears in the grand scheme of things.   Author's note: This story is mainly set in Harry Potter verse with certain elements of Naruto. Thank you for reading my fanfiction. I enjoyed writing this story and hope you readers too enjoy it. I know it's not the best out there and it has many flaws. But I love my work none the less. It's the first story I ever wrote/typed. I'd appreciate if you write a review and let me know what I can improve on so that I can write a better story if I decide to write another. English is not my native language so forgive me if the grammar is inappropriate at some places. I review the chapters many times but still, some errors may remain. Point them out and I'll correct them. If any of you find this story on fanfiction.net, rest assured that I am the same person who published it on that site. So I am not copying it from someone. And neither is he copying it from me as we are the same person. Unbridled use of profrane language. Read at your own risk. The story also has torture scenes but I think there's only one that's a bit gut wrenching so you'll be good. Just skip it if you want. Almost all of the story is from MC's POV. I just used past tense and 3rd person viewpoint so it may get confusing given the choice of words in the narration. back<<

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