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Novel Gods and Devils Opening Epoch - Author: Updating
The hand could pluck stars! Two feet in the netherworld! A magnificent body towered over the heavens and the earth! One punch to wipe out all enemies! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! The path of domination was only a single piece of Celestial Land! "Fang Ling accidentally came to a cultivation world and opened up his Immortal Cultivation path. He entered the Baleful Yin Faction, the Heavenly Emperor's Cage, the Nether Realm, and the endless sea of blood, creating a legend of immortality!" "In this world, are there any lands blessed by immortals that avoid my loved ones, brother?" If not, then let me hold up the Heavens, take care of this land, and transform it into a Celestial Land to protect it! " Cultivation Stage: Dao Foundation Stage, Zhenqi Stage, Gale Fiend Stage, Mana Stage, Dao Embryo Stage, Aurous Core Stage, Dharma Appearance Stage, Primordial Spirit Stage, Pure Yang Stage … [Close] back<<

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