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Novel Get Black Technology From Ma... - Author: Runaway big balloon
I used to arrest criminals in Marvel, punishing rape and eliminating evil. also helped Nobita to realize his dream in Doraemon. Or become a man in black, fighting wits and courage with aliens. Pacific Rim, Big Marine Corps, Terminal Brain, Trisolaran, Wandering Earth… Every world has my footprints. I’m just an ordinary technical house. The purpose of doing this is to bring the black technology inside back to the real world and make the lifeless real world more sci-fi. Global Daily: Mr. Lu, what do you think about the fact that netizens rated you as the “Greatest Inventor of the 21st Century”. Cheng Lu: I am not ashamed of it, I just made a trivial change to the world. Many netizens: So, the steel suit, Gundam, magnetic levitation vehicle, quantum portal, and interstellar spacecraft are just trivial things? When science fiction shines into reality, the stars and the sea will no longer be a dream! Ps: The end of science is magic, so magic is considered a black technology? (Dog head) back<<

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