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Novel Formidable Thief and Fierce Princess - Author: Yu Mu
Chu Mo, the world's bandit god, was known as the "King of Chu Yan".Chu Moxi, the good-for-nothing eldest daughter of the Mu Ling Empire's Duke Chu Mansion. She, who was born to be a good-for-nothing, had been bullied since she was young. He was infuriated when the marriage was annulled.When he woke up again, she was no longer her.His stepmother and stepsister had joined hands to attack him. If his elder sister followed suit, wasn't there just a few brainless people?As for spirit beasts? There was a pig, it was said that it thought Zhang Ye was beautiful, so it volunteered to follow her.A single imperial edict had made her marry an idiot king. How could this be possible? Big Sis's lover is Chenchen.Woman: Chenchen, watch out for me!Men: Xi Er, can you not go? If you want it, I'll just give it to you.Woman: What's the point of bringing it? Not exciting! Open the door for me.Some guy: … back<<

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