First Love Never Dies

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Novel First Love Never Dies - Author: Oh Yeon
My husband is going to love another woman.Because it is the destiny of a male protagonist to love a female protagonist.And I became the ex-wife of my husband who had to die before that.It was the first love that hurt his heart, but in the end, I was just an extra that would be forgotten as a memory.It is terrible to die according to the original story,I hate marriage life and the thought of being thrown out bymy husband in the future.Then the only answer is a quick divorce…“An application for divorce without a cause is not permitted.”The problem is that it doesn’t work my way!A marriage arranged by the emperor, so divorce requires justification?So maybe I can make a reason?*“I don’t know why you keep talking about divorce. Was it so lonely?”Rashid hugged me naturally, like water flowing down my waist. I was held in his arms..Rashid’s body temperature gently passed through the thin chemise dress. The warmth from his body spread quickly.“Now what… .”The moment I tried to speak..Rashid turned his head and tried to meet my lips. His face drew closer. They got closer as if they would touch each other anytime soon.“No!”I quickly raised my hands and blocked his lips back<<

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