Fairy Tail Collapsing Stars Chapter 84

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Fairy Tail Collapsing Stars Chapter 84

“Evan, what are you still doing here?! Why don’t you enter the tunnel?!”

“Are you planning to do it now?!”

Ultear frowned at Evan, and then directly assumed a fighting posture.

“Of course not!”

Evan smiled slightly at Ultear who was on guard against him.

“I’m waiting for you here just because I have something I want to talk to you about!”

“How do you see that channel?!”

As Evan said, she pointed to one of the five passages.


Ultear frowned, she was thinking about whether to listen to Evan’s opinion.

“It’s actually like this…”

Evan looked at Ultear, who was frowning tightly, and floated up slightly, and came to Ultear’s side, whispering into Ultear’s ear.

“So that’s how it is…” Ultear’s eyes lit up after hearing Evan’s words, and then she gave Evan a meaningful look, and said, “Evan, you are so bold! Aren’t you afraid that the Guild Master will be blown up by you?”


Evan said nothing, just smiled slightly.

“Okay! Then I choose to join!”

Ultear looked at the chuckling Evan and already knew everything. She followed Evan’s instructions and walked into the first passage on the right.

Yes, the first passage on the right was originally intended to be used by Evan, but now Evan has given it up to Ultear!

In other words, now Erza, Irene and Evan have completed three paths.

In addition to Irene who has already met Gildarts, Evan and Laxus will definitely meet one of Erza and Ultear in their choice.

“Then next…”

Evan chose the leftmost passage.

In an instant, among the five channels, the first one on the left, the second one on the left, the one in the middle, and the one on the far right were all selected, leaving only the second one on the right still open.


Just after Evan and Ultear all entered the channel, Laxus, who was wet from head to toe, swam out of the sea.

Yes, because Laxus was frozen in the sea by Ultear, when the ice was about to melt, Laxus fell into the sea and got covered in water.

“I’m already behind now, and I can’t continue to fall behind…”

Laxus glanced at the four closed passages, and then walked into the last passage.


she sat on a huge rock

footsteps in her ears that

steel sword beside her,

Evan and Irene met each

person Erza meets will be

okay to say,

honest, Erza is not sure

the same title as Guild Master Makarov,

of light, Erza

the person who came was

a long

Evan standing in front of

Why are

at Evan

else to come, but I was afraid that if someone

beckoning and said

person who came was not him or Irene,

should come to the passageway where Erza was in


boarded the boat, she could feel

of all, what is our purpose? Our purpose is to

by the spell. He gently stretched out his hand

up, and countless spells

thoughtful after

behind us will be opened after returning the same way! And the Guild Master said that the spell is

for a

of magic in the magic world, and

and takes a lot

write down the spells for those who use spell, but once the spell mage writes down the spells, the person who wins


be cleared

barrier particles, that is to say, as long as the magic barrier particles

a method to break all magic formulas in

what troubles Evan now is where

could do, but this didn’t bother Evan, because Evan happened

and magic barrier particles the most

those demons created by Zeref are also composed of countless magic particles by Zeref! Of course, this is also the reason why the R-System can use magic barrier

attributes of the particles that eliminate evil and eliminate magic

would happen if two people passed through

very satisfied

tell you that I

at Erza

moment, but she never thought that

then Evan can definitely do

plan to destroy all

Erza and spoke


at Evan


body boiled instantly, and in the next second,



lit up with

she felt the surging magic



the second maze, with a straw

the assessment, Makarov, as the Guild Master,

from the ground, and the

kidding me?! Evan has

in the air,

burst of white light, all the

a month of painstakingly arranging slowly disappear

but even the second level, the

at the fact that all the levels he had spent a month

Island echoed, and Makarov held his

in the cave where


magic had been activated successfully. In the instant just


smile doesn’t

the cave, he could also eliminate

spells on the island, then everyone

wouldn’t Irene have no

he took great pains, and even delayed the time

who can’t find an opponent on Ishgar, from getting lost in the magic way. Evan wants

explore the magic path cannot always be smooth

slightly, “You see, all the spells that blocked our

the spells in the cave, and didn’t know what

to pass the level alone,

plans to bring four together, and everyone will

and Laxus, they

Erza and Laxus, will it

this, because there is no

even do


also met in

promoted like a handout! I will beat you

shouted angrily, and his body

you be a

of anger flashed in her eyes, and the

only way you

who was frozen by


had dealt with Laxus, with a

who had broken through


will be defeated by the

he looked at Ultear

Laxus was frozen in place again


that broke my ice,

smiling triumphantly even though he was frozen

question, how should I

at the ice sculpture in

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