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Novel Ettrama: The Secret In Love - Author: silvaaresta
WARNING!!Mature Content!!There is love and pain when we have to choose to live with a man we did'nt love. That's what Reista feels. Giving up with her youth by marrying a rich and handsome widower from the Ettrama family. A man who has everything in his life... Maybe that sounds fun, right ?.But, what if it turns out her life isn't all about happiness? Reista must feel her life is falling apart because her husband's past is back !!!The madness created by Ramelson Ettrama's ex-wife, made the Ettrama's family fall apart.Kidnapping, violence, murder! .. gathered together and caused much pain to the holy souls who didn't understand anything ..Reista's life even has to clash with the poison that eats away at his body and makes his eyeballs loose !!Will pain always haunt Reista's life? will love make Reista stay with Ramelson Ettrama?all will be discussed in the next Chapters ..Don't forget to leave positive comments, Give coins in each locked chapter. this will make the author even more excited ...Happy reading and have a nice day back<<

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