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Novel Entering Monster Academy - Author: dreamer17
'Monsters' that's what they call on every creature that doesn't belong in human realm. After the great blood bath between human and monsters, a new world for only monsters was created. Along with it, a school for only monsters was also created. What will happen if the once full of monster society will be mixed with a once a human creature? Would they accept the human easily? What will they do with the human mixed with them? Would there be another blood bath like the history they've been told to? Witness as Mandy Frost,a once human creature become part of monster society. Proving herself and finding her place in the society. What troubles would she encounter in finding her way out the academy. Will she be able to prove herself or would she become a treat to them?What does her existence means? Why does this happen to her? Who is responsible with her life? Note: This was only work of fiction, any names and events was due to author's creative imagination. back<<

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