Douluo's Nuclear Explosion

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Offering Chrysanthemum in Front of Buddha






Novel Douluo's Nuclear Explosion - Author: Offering Chrysanthemum in Front of Buddha
He is the personification of death. It is also the end of everything. There is only destruction behind him. But it is also accompanied by the ‘new birth’. Nuclear energy in the left hand, radiation in the right hand. . May the glorious Heping descend on Douluo Continent! The young man traversed the Douluo, and as the Wuhun writing wheel eyes mutated into radiation eyes, he had already become a source of high-concentration radiation. What should he do? ps: Douluo has a world system. If you don't follow Tang San, worship the master, or go to the Martial Spirit Hall, you will visit the Sun Moon Continent in the future. ps2: There is a complete outline, so don't worry about it. back<<

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