Chapter 3146 Invoking The White

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Chapter 3146 Invoking The White

Fairy Thunderblaze was intrigued by Davis.

He seemed to have the craziest ideas that she wouldn't dare try, for she knew that she would meet with death, but back then, the method that he used to create a pill was actually viable for her as well as she had enough prowess, so she wanted to know the secret method that she could try it and collect annihilative heavenly flames by herself.

However, he refused, which she couldn't say anything about.

Besides, he didn't try this method himself, which made her doubt if he was lacking in alchemy knowledge or if he didn't want to increase his karmic burden by offending the heavens again or perhaps both. Either way, she knew she wasn't going to acquire this secret method, so she decisively chose to borrow his lightning spirit for cultivation.

"You made me remember something that I thought about way back then but forgot about it since it wasn't achievable back then, but now, I could try. You have my gratitude, but still, I won't give you Eldia."


Fairy Thunderblaze narrowed her brows.

At the most, she was only going to bathe in Eldia's powers and temper her body while understanding the intricacies behind it, succeeding in comprehending annihilative heavenly lightning twice or thrice the speed.

so she imagined Davis would throw himself at that prospect, but


as though he

I hate, there's only a

three vile characters

infuriated him for different reasons, and if he ever saw them somewhere while he reached a

and the Cyan Soul Rat Clan, but for that, he would have

just a walking corpse to him since

high as some mountains a few thousand meters tall. The terrifying notion that they may spread at any moment didn't change, but as

someone could surpass me by two levels in the same realm before I went to sleep in

at Davis, a mocking

wish that you don't die

step to the side and

would die, or was she warning

how long she would be willing to

leave, Davis sat cross-legged

refine soul essences. He had plenty in store, so he was not worried about using them all anytime soon. After regaining his

two wisps for none other than the reason that it


speculated that it was because of heavenly Will remaining in the earth of the heaven

whose existence was way superior to Earth-Tier Spirit Attribute Sources, speculating that they are

do you

inwardly, waiting

Do you understand what would become of this annihilative heavenly flame wisp if you used my life energy to accelerate its Will

Fallen Heaven to give


heavenly tribulation descends again, it won't be more

and the other was completely based upon what brought down the heavenly tribulation, a response to maintain the

thing he would have to worry about

that he could plunder karmic sin and karmic virtue from them and enshroud himself in third-tier karmic

say so,

replied, causing

ever told him to

didn't know

good with the heavens Will appearing here and there. It had never imagined


a sacred and pure life energy to flow out

to appear at the center. It kept getting bigger as though multiplying the remnant Will that would usually roar in

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