Chapter 2916 Recovering Health

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Chapter 2916 Recovering Health

Davis's brows raised in astonishment as he heard Yilla's words.

It sounded very heartening to hear that she thought of him as her everything, but this was not the Yilla he remembered, even when seen through his own lenses. He narrowed his eyes, using his other hand to capture her other cheek and make her look at him.

Yilla's heart pounded in response. Was she going to be kissed again? With his absolutely mesmerizing face?

"Yilla, you are too dependent on me."


However, what he said broke her imagination, bringing her back to reality before she smiled awkwardly.

"Is that burdensome…? Haha~ I guess that's also annoying-"

"No, I think you're too dependent on me because you don't want to lose me, just like you lost your spirit, Darkshade."

Davis looked at her with all seriousness, "Do you want to save your spirit?"

gaze shudder, her expression

too late. The Dynastic Evernight Phantasm Clan would've eaten her by

she is

you. Spirits

at her. His gaze

want to

Davis to finally smile as he pulled her

way it

was on his chest, making a mess

you are going to be hunted down… You should

Once I've healed myself, we'll be out of here if she still

that he was serious, causing

him with that task anymore because she knew that he could have only so many things to care about, not to

in this place where all

would probably suffer if

here? Wasn't

will talk to her… I

into her thoughts to reveal that kind of

I'm not the one

sure she has the same, even to

was there but didn't react to the Blazing Thunderlight Sect's Founder clearly meant

Anarchic Divergent back in her era, so

her everything to her man, causing him to lean and take her velvety lips, savoring her


kissing, holding her dear as he made her melt. At the same

dick somehow having made its

leave it to

shake her hips by herself. Davis also felt damn good.

leave her alone, going back to someplace else other than the cellar. Yilla also followed

it was an illusion at first before he went to bathe with Yilla, but it seemed like

live? Did she kidnap Young Masters and

left the Fifty-Two Territories. On that note, he really felt that damned Blazing Thunderlight Kirin

at him when it gave

in his soul, a change that was long

strange, seeming to absorb the changes that it underwent


as though it came from a vast distance, causing his smirk to


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