Demon King's Pampered Wife

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La Bi Da Wan Zi






Novel Demon King's Pampered Wife - Author: La Bi Da Wan Zi
Being seen as a target to be possessed by his closest master, he risked his life not letting the other party have their wish! He had been reborn as the daughter of the Patriarch, but he was a dying man whose Xuan Core had been snatched away by his stepmother and sister. The first day on the continent, Jiao Jiao actually died under the persecution of others, while she relied on her tenacious mind to survive. Every step she took, she gritted her teeth and stepped forward. This was because she wanted to repay this debt of blood with her own hands! She finally started to radiate brilliantly as she grew up. She expanded the second rate sect's Divine Profound Gate and became the idol of countless disciples. Opening the small world's exit, he led the group into the world of cultivation. She and he were also closely linked by the spinning wheel of fate.., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *. •He, was originally the king of the demon race. His tribulation was drawn into the Void Tempest and he fell into this continent. He was the female lord who experienced rebirth, and her uniqueness attracted him. He forcefully and forcefully approached, letting her fall step by step into the gentle net he had woven. She wanted the Great Dao to live on forever, even the unparalleled beauty wanted it!., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *. •He, the eldest son of a large clan, was one of the most outstanding youths of the younger generation. In the past, there had only been two types of people in this world: those who wanted and those who didn't. Initially, he had thought that the fiancee arranged by this family was the one whom he didn't want. He also did not expect that there would be a woman who would completely occupy his heart. Time was irreplaceable.., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *. •He, Xie Wang, one of the six demon kings, had even used a despicable method in order to keep her. For a moment, he regretted not being able to make it in time. After she had drifted away, he had searched all his life for her, but she was nowhere to be seen …., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *., low, ✿... : *. •After writing for such a long time, one would have to experience the hardships of writing with a child on one side and writing on the other. But what could he do? I like to write stories. I like to write stories. I hope I can impress you with my story. However, it's going to be a fight soon. I really hope that you guys can keep chasing after me and see the exciting lives of my characters. You'll grow along with me and I'll bring you all more wonderful stories, alright?[Pills in the Nest, Group Number] 213192386 (TL: UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO/UFO][Weibo ID] Crayon Balls 2015... :*.............................................................................. back<<

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