Chapter 2251 Do what you must

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Chapter 2251 Do what you must

'Yin Yang Explosion!'

Jeskli's Light and Dark Elements gathered around his body while his Dark and Light Divine Armor Skill was active. He used his own body as a wrecking ball, crashing against Romario during a moment of carelessness.


The Yin and Yang power over his body created a massive explosion that even affected Jeskli himself, let alone Romario. From afar, the twins could see Romario's body falling out of the explosion like a ragdoll. Half of his Archangel Wings were gone, most of his bones broken, and blood flowed from everywhere.

Rean sighed at that sight and immediately used his seal to deactivate the Slaughtering Formations. Only the trapping formations kept active. After all, he didn't want to kill his father, just like his father didn't want to kill him. He then sent his Divine Sense, which wasn't being blocked anymore since the Anti-Divine Sense Formation was off, to send his father a message. 'Give up, Dad. I'm not going to kill you. I have a lot of questions, and I'm sure we can reach an understanding. You can trust me and tell me why you are doing all of this. What is it that you are trying to achieve?'

a Jade Slip, although it carried a different type of power. Romario took a last look at Rean, carrying

happened, space and time around Romario went into a complete rampage, creating Spatial Rifts and Time Displacement phenomenons

He turned around and flew away from the Spatial Rifts range, afraid of being

of how chaotic the space and time around were, it was impossible to tell where that Spatial Gate would end. Even Romario himself didn't know where he would jump

Archangel. He definitely had a very big chance of surviving the journey by relying on his far superior Spatial and Time Powers.

The Spatial Rifts around still lasted several minutes even though

know what kind of item was that. It had the power to generate such powerful Spatial Rifts but,

Universe. "He came from outside this Universe and was the reason the Ruins of the Stars ended

to talk about it. Jeskli also didn't insist. It is true that the twins were the reason the Floating Islands of Time

the top. It was still working just fine, absorbing the Golden and

connection between the Fragment and the Islands without causing its destruction. That's our best choice since we definitely won't be the last ones coming after this Fragment.

that as well. It's not like I have any other choice." Of course, Jeskli was still interested

way out. If Jeskli wanted the Fragment, they would have no power to stop him. "We need it. And

believe the Fragments might be connected to the secret of surpassing the Divinity Realm, right?

and it is also for the sake of the Minokawas' Future.

would also be for the sake of the Minikawas' Future." She was also curious about what good the Fragment could do for them since it

the Minokawas' Future more? Is it being used by us to

away by us. Keeping it with the Minokawas will, at most, offer some temporary

Jeskli nodded.

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