Cultivating 1000000 Years

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Novel Cultivating 1000000 Years - Author: Shao Zi
One hundred thousand years ago, he was the founder disciple of the Sky Mist Sect, and his master had ascended, so he was cultivating. 90,000 years ago, his martial nephew had ascended, and he was refining his Qi. Fifty thousand years ago, the old guard dog of the Sky Mist Sect also rose in power, he was still refining his Qi. Thirty thousand years ago, the old tree at the foot of the mountain had also become a demon. 10,000 years ago, Sky Mist Sect's 9872 generation disciple Zhang Wuji also rose, Xu Yang silently cultivated. He went into closed door cultivation for 10,000 years and finally broke through to the 9999th level of the Refinement Stage. 10,000 years later, he broke through! back<<

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