Chapter 1734

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1734 Success! Cosmos Stage! (5)

Wang Teng closed his eyes. A golden radiance blossomed from his forehead and the Nine Treasures Pagoda appeared. He released his spiritual power and it spread throughout the entire void.

His spiritual power was huge but this area wasn’t small either. Hence, his spiritual power could only transform into slender threads, resembling tentacles that reached every corner. These threads intertwined with each other, forming a web of comprehension unique to Wang Teng.

A giant jigsaw appeared in his mind.

There were still a few crucial nodes left for the puzzle to be fully completed. Those missing nodes were the most critical areas.

At this moment, an inspiration descended upon Will-O-Wisp’s find and filled up the final missing areas in the puzzled. It was now completed.

The complete picture of the puzzle finally appeared.

It was a vast and boundless starry sky dotted with countless celestial bodies radiating brilliant light. These stars contained the operating rules of all attributes in the world, where the laws were the trajectories that became the foundation of their movements. Every aspect of the universe’s myriad changes was encompassed within it…

At the same time, a mysterious aura rose within Wang Teng’s body.


The external void trembled as if resonating with the aura emanating from his body.


Another explosion was heard.

However, this time, the explosion came from within Wang Teng’s body.

The sea of nihility trembled. All the constellations Wang Teng had started vibrating too. They gave off a dazzling Force glow.

His consciousness shook and the Nine Treasures Pagoda resurfaced. Endless spiritual power swept out…

breakthrough opportunity

immersed in an

amount of pure chaotic energy converged from

for all his Forces. Hence, a

was the fundamental energy form capable

Energy of Chaos, causing the chaotic currents beyond

it was

Origin Energy of Chaos he had accumulated. Then, he

his head spun slowly

the attention of

Chaotic Beasts sensed the incredibly rich Origin Energy

Wang Teng


far beyond his expectations,

think. Wang Teng quickly summoned

They looked at the universe-stage Chaotic


Beasts,” Wang Teng

They felt quite distressed but Wang Teng needed them. They

Intense Force fluctuations erupted from her dragon


in their tracks. However, they quickly regained their

were utterly mad. They charged

The energy reaction was too strong. No

master about to

ruthless. No matter what, she mustn’t let

female tyrannosaurus, unleashing a series of attacks

either. Its clones appeared and

kill the universe-stage Chaotic Beasts

contributed by harassing the Chaotic

normally timid, but it

poured into Wang Teng’s body, each of the

constellation had expanded several times


time. Thunderous roars resounded in the sky above

sea of

like the

constellations erupted, they formed fragments of stars,

to his consciousness. Surging spiritual power gathered and

nihility and his consciousness unbelievably merged

in the same place but


Force while the other

they were in

became one, transforming into a

even generating vast expanses of nebulae, star clusters,

a black hole. All the celestial bodies were revolving

surrounding stars and dust, producing strands

Force had turned into

continuously, sometimes turning into lightning, sometimes transforming into

wisps of spiritual power. Like a thin mist, they enveloped

beautiful and was filled with

finally entered

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