Chapter 1504

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1504 Tu Xiaoba! Su Jianchen! Black Cape! (2)

Universe stage warriors were seated in two rows next to the sovereign. All of them had powerful auras, too intense to look at them directly.

The large screen before them was showcasing the live broadcast of the League of Talents.

“Your majesty, Jianchen shouldn’t have any problem entering the top thousand,” said one of the powerhouses from the Tian Luo Empire in a respectful tone.

“Hahaha, Jianchen’s potential is on par with those from the talents of the Great Qian Empire’s main factions.” The emperor was an eternal stage martial warrior. He stared at Su Jianchen with satisfaction; it was his beloved disciple.

“If Jianchen releases his full potential, he might be able to go head to head with Wang Teng!” said another universe stage warrior.


“That’s right. Wang Teng came from a low-tier civilization and doesn’t have an eternal stage warrior guiding him; our Jianchen is different. Your majesty has personally groomed him… He merely kept a low profile during the first round,” a third universe expert added.

“Based on his personality, he didn’t waste much effort in the first round since he could pass it easily. Otherwise, his rank would have been higher,” said the Tian Luo emperor while nodding, “It’ll be great if he can defeat Wang Teng. All the garnered attention and popularity would be Jianchen’s stepping stones.”

“Our Tian Luo Empire will definitely stand out in this League of Talents.” All the universe stage experts below were excited.

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