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Novel Beauty and the Ugly Count - Author: 한시령
Count Erten, a reclusive, lonely man who always wears a mask on his face to cover the scars, and does not come out of the estate.By marrying him, Velita escaped from her hateful father. The joy was also for a while.This man, isn’t easy to understand from the first night. He forcibly entered in the newlyweds room just to remove the wedding dress as an excuse, but he didn’t even want to take off the mask, saying that he does not want to show his ugly face.“I’ll wait until you take off the mask.”Velita decides to wait for him to open up and take off the mask.Velita eventually gets angry instead of Ian, who was s*upidly getting teased instead of putting up a fight . “Why did you insult my only rabbit-like husband? back<<

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