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Novel As wild as fire - Author: _Grayson
After the burial of her grandmother, Belle's fire element waiting beside them inside the hospital where Merlinda Smith giving birth on her only daughter, Blair Smith who was the heiress of the fire element of her grandmother. It was unexpectedly that she inherited other elements while growing up it's because the giving birth on her exact in the other burial of other wizards relatives, how lucky is Blair Smith to have those elements but does her power affecting her life? She was forced in marrying the angel of death in evens, Azrael Litormus but she chose to leave evens and begone nowhere and she finally realized that she was in the world of no magic when she met Damon of L.A CaVilla. They promised that they'll be just one "I'm yours and you're mine" _ Can the promised make it till the end?A/a: Uhh sorry if there's a mistake [TypAtt]HAHAHA n hope ywu enjoy the hotness, and love in every chapt back<<

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