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Novel Ancient Sky Fiend - Author: Myriad Sword Spirit
Due to some unknown reason, Yun Shu keeps failing to reach the preliminary stage of cultivation despite his matchless talent, and thus, as the biggest loser ever in the sect, he ends up a victim of bullying for ten years.However, the night before he is expelled from the sect, Yun Shu finds a lost world in the dream that he has been having persistently.In this world, besides the endless precious herbs and fine mines, there is a dead body carrying amazing treasures. Most importantly, the dead body looks identical to Yun Shu!Taking advantage of this mysterious gift, getting rid of the humiliating title, Yun Shu grows into the most powerful cultivator ever, whose power would stun the entire world.Reversing the order between the heaven and earth, reforming the laws of the universe, the Ancient Sky Fiend’s story unfolds! back<<

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