Absolute Monarch in Heaven

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Novel Absolute Monarch in Heaven - Author: Long Wu
On the Divine Martial Continent, the strong were respected. Ye Feng, who had transmigrated to a different world, had occasionally come across a mysterious stone monument. He practiced a supreme cultivation technique that could swallow everything, using everything for himself, reaching the pinnacle of martial arts! Book Level Setting: Warrior: Spirit Apostle, Spirit Scholar, Spirit Master, Small Innate, Large Innate, Qi Condensation, Condensation, Condensation, Heavenly Completion Stage Nine, Human Sovereign, Earth Elder, Sky Sovereign, Supreme God! Symbol Master: Symbol Master, Symbol Master, Symbol Master, little symbol spirit, great symbol spirit, Symbol Emperor, Symbol Soul Master, Symbol Saint realm, Soul Immortal, True Immortal, Golden Immortal, Immortal King! Different books, different wonderful books, all in one hand breaking the heavens [kept] back<<

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