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Yu Jiu Yu Huan






Novel A Little Taoist - Author: Yu Jiu Yu Huan
The mountain was full of foxes and the world was full of strange talk. The trashy Daoist Priest had taken the Demon Emperor's daughter in order to earn her reputation of being rich. The girl with the twin sabers had vowed to be the number one person in the martial arts world. The old man, who was wearing a noose around his neck on a snowy night, said he had killed too many people in his life.Furthermore, that seemingly philistine old Daoist can ascend on his seat and fight the Demon Emperor alone for three hundred miles. The king of the Rakasha Kingdom looked very pretty, but he liked to wear a yaksha mask. This was an era where demons and humans coexisted together, the so-called evil deeds were done! However, the shackles on his body made him unable to breathe.This world was not that good, but it was not that bad either. back<<

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