A divorced evil lady bakes cakes

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Novel A divorced evil lady bakes cakes - Author: 민들레와인님
I had been in the position of Duchess for nine years for my quiet and indifferent husband, but all I had left was contempt and indifference, and the only thing I was accused of having a love affair:– Now it’s a limit to endure this marriage. No matter how you cry and beat the Emperor, I can’t stand it anymore.—If. Yes. Can I sign here?– So if you pretend to be poor like last time, this time … What?I waved divorce papers on an indifferent day.– I’m done. Can I go now?– Oh, you don’t have to talk about alimony, dowry, just give me back my dowry.– What are you gonna do with that little money?My husband, who had not cared what he had done for the past nine years, asked me a question in his voice.I laughed confidently and answered: – I’m going to open a dessert cafe back<<

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